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2019 Tax Appeal for our Community Liaison
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2019 Tax Appeal for our Community Liaison

BrainLink are raising funds and awareness to keep our Community Liaison at the forefront in local hospitals


Our Community Liaison Program is worth it but...

What is the Community Liaison Program?

The program aims to ensure that carers and families of those with an acquired brain injury or disorder are supported, providing them with a direct link between acute care in hospital and life in the community after discharge.  The CLO is based at The Royal Melbourne and Monash Health Hospitals.

The BrainLink Community Liaison Officer (CLO) provides personal face-to-face contact

To those diagnosed with a brain injury and their families, the CLO offers support and information about resources and assistance available. This support may include a personal introduction to BrainLink from which there is the provision of information packs, referral to other community organisations which provide specialised care for certain conditions, guidance as to where and how to seek financial assistance, an information hotline to call when required, education and support courses on offer, and individual understanding and care.

The CLO Provides

  • An invaluable opportunity to meet with Carers who are trying to manage and adjust when their loved one has experienced a Brain Injury during an acute admission to the hospital
  • Critical care and support to families impacted by ABD (Aquired Brain Disorders) at the point of diagnosis/treatment at the Royal Melbourne and Monash Hospitals
  • Specialised information and education to health, disability and mainstream services about the effects and implications of Acquired Brain Injury / Disorders and the needs of the individuals affected
  • The BrainLink CLO actively participates as a member of The Allied Health Team as an Information and Resource provider for Carers


The multiple benefits of a CLO presence in the hospital  

  • Smooth transition into the community
  • Facilitation of independence
  • Improved health & well-being
  • Feeling of support and understanding 
  • Carers know where to go for help


Hospital Staff say...

...that those who have been supported by the Community Liaison Officer are less likely to fall through the gaps, more likely to have the advocacy that they require, and receive assistance to streamline the paperwork and applications for long term funding, therapy, equipment and services etc.

Social Workers have said...

...that the CLO has been complimentary to their practise and helped to ensure client-centered practise, one commenting that patients and Carers have "frequently voiced their thanks for BrainLink's input and have on several occasions recommended it to other clients on the ward".


The Nurse Unit Manager of a Neurosurgery Ward has...

...highly recommended the presence of the CLO, describing it as "an invaluable service providing support, education, counselling and empathy for families and patients with an ABI".  She also noted that the CLO enhances the practice of others in the ward.

Feedback from ABI patients and their families...

..."I feel more confident that I will be able to cope with the practical and emotional issues of my husband's deteriorating health... Now I understand that I have permission not to feel guilty about taking time for myself"




Click here to donate

We appreciate any and all donations to help us keep this amazing program up and running within our local hospitals.  Thank you kindly for your generous contribution. 


Click here to start an individual fundraising page

By starting your own fundraising page, you can get others to sponsor you and all the raised proceeds go towards the CLO Program and  will enable us to continue to help the community of Carers and their loved ones living with a Brain Injury. 







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