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Corey Place Story

9 May 2018 at 12:00AM
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Corey was a healthy little boy, then only weeks after his 7th birthday, he had a stroke.  Initially the doctors were unsure of whether or not he would survive and he had emergency brain surgery to stop the bleed.  Corey spent 10 days in an induced coma and then he spent another 3 months in The Royal Children’s Hospital.

"We had to adjust to bringing a child home who could no longer walk or talk or basically do anything for himself, this was scary!"

Without knowing anything about therapists or case management Corey’s Mum gave up her job to stay home and care for Corey.  The whole family dynamic had to change.

Over the next few years, Corey very slowly improved, he learned to walk again and speak a little bit. Corey had so many surgeries and visits to the hospital.  He was doing ok, until he was 12 and started having seizures.  This was caused by the scar tissues from surgery.  Corey was heavily medicated, but the medication would work for a little while and then the seizures would come back again so his meds would increase and new ones would be added.  It was a sad cycle.

It was like having a zombie for a teenage boy.  His Speech had deteriorated and he would be very wobbly on his feet.  As a result her would sleep - a lot.  He would also show a lot of aggression, so the doctors decided that he would need epilepsy surgery - more brain surgery!  Corey had just turned 17 and at this point he was a very sick boy, he only weighed 46 kg and he was 175 cm tall, so he looked like a skeleton.

This surgery took 13 hours, but it was done and it worked!

Corey didn’t have any seizures for 3 years and everything in his life has improved after the surgery. He had a healthy appetite again, gained weight, and his speech and concentration also improved significantly.  More recently, Corey moved into a granny flat across the drive way from the family home.  This has always been a goals for Corey and thanks to his Case Manager from BrainLink Services who was able to secure some funding to modify the flat to better accommodate Corey and his needs, Corey was able to achieve this goal!

BrainLink has helped Corey with engaging a proactive Therapy Team through the Slow to Recover Program, which has in turn helped us as a Family.  Earlier this year Corey transitioned to the NDIS.  The assistance with navigating the NDIS during this transition that was provided by BrainLink and his Case Manager, now Support Coordinator has been invaluable.

"We couldn’t have done it so successfully without BrainLink."

Despite having a few small seizures more recently, Corey has still been able to gain a new sense of independence since the modifications and transition and he continues to work hard and make improvements in his everyday life.


Category: Your Stories