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What can I ask for?

What can I ask for from the NDIA? 

You can ask for things to support you to do what you want to do.  The NDIS will not have programs.  You need to start thinking about what you want to do.  Also think about what support you need to do what you want.

You can ask for things like:  Transport to take you places - Help with things you do at home like cooking/cleaning - Help at work; Therapy type supports - Changes you need to your home - Equipment so you can go to the places you need to - Changes to a car so that you can use it

How will I know if what I am asking for is okay? 

If you are not sure whether something is okay, you should ask.  If you are told that you cannot have what you ask for, that is alright - at least you know.  Supports must relate to your disability, be value for money and useful and helpful to you. 

Will I get everything I ask for?

You may not get everything that you ask for - but if you do not ask for what you want then you will not know what you could get.  If you are told that you cannot get what you would like, you can ask why.  If you are unhappy about the answer, it is possible to question the answer by appealing.  Appealing means that your question and the answer you got will be looked at by someone else.