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What happens when I have  worked out support?

Once you have worked out who will support you to do the things in your plan, you can get started!  You can start making steps to reach your goals.  You are in control.

Talk to people you know about what you are doing.  You can start getting things that your plan says you can (like equipment).  You can start getting the support you need to do the things you want.  You can change the support you use to suit you.  For example you may need more support during weekends than during the week.

Remember that the Planner will have said the total amount of money you have to spend on flexible supports.  It is good to look at how much things cost so you do not spend more than you have.  Keep looking at the plan as a reminder.

If you are not sure about anything you can:

Talk to a family member

Talk to NDIA staff

Talk to a member of the BrainLink team

Go to training to get more skills to manage your funding