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A Carer's Positivity 


I have personally been challenged over the past 5 years in a number of ways!
I support my son with additional learning needs, guided my Mum in the twilight of her life and have been primary carer to my spouse during viral encephalitis.  It is a Marathon and we only have one journey!  My stress release is to run, I do this every second day in the morning to give the day the best start!  I take a weekly walk along the beach which is approximately 10-12 kms now that they days are getting longer, sunnier and brighter!
To maintain my stamina, I eat predominantly a plant based diet with the occasional accompaniment of chicken or fish.  I have outstanding friends who like to distract me from my personal circumstances.  I love to travel, I love the outdoors, I am a sunseeker, I love nature and like nothing more than a walk in a national park or a hike through trail path.
Family is very important to me, I constantly check in on the health and well being of those nearest and closest to me also.  My professional career is in Marketing now completed by the skills that I’ve adopted through family circumstance.  There is always another Family whose circumstances are worse than yours and it is my intention to always assist others to the best of my ability.
Carer’s week is always a time to catch up enjoy other’s experiences, reflect on our hard work and continue on with determination and gratitude!


* Carer names withheld as requested.