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Hello Waterman Caribbean... 

After many years BrainLink Services bids goodbye to the Nerve Centre in Blackburn and will move to the Waterman Business Centre - Caribbean.  Innovation, integrity and style is promoted at Waterman and coupled with BrainLink's everlasting dedication to our Carers and Families, we believe this is a great move.

We aim to deliver the same services to families caring for someone living with an Acquired Brain Injury and Disorder.

We will continue to pursue the best ways to cater for our Carers and to deliver Carer Programs, Peer Support Programs, Community Engagement events and NDIS Support Coordination to the best of our ability.

Wish us luck with the move and feel free to visit when we've settled into our new home!

BrainLink Services Ltd

Suite 201, 44 Lakeview Drive, Soresby, VIC 3179