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Brain Injury - Topic Cards

All brain injuries are different and not every situation will be the same.  Here we have provided downloadable topic cards that may aid you with your brain injury enquiries.  Each topic card is packed with information but also has a unique QR scannable code that will direct you to topical videos.

About Brain Injury

Brain injuries are like fingerprints; they are all different. Learn More

Carer Health & Wellbeing

It is important for carers to look after their own health and wellbeing; for your sake and the person you care for. Learn More

Life with a brain injury

Adjusting to life with a brain injury can take time.  We are here to assist and make it a little easier. Learn More

Brain injury & rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is about regaining skills to help you get on with life. Learn More

What to expect in hospital

Tips for when your loved one is hospitalised with brain injury. Learn More