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Maria's list of gratitude

I used to get caught up in all the things I thought were wrong in our lives.  

Speaking about these things and putting them out into the open air made me sensitive, angry and miserable.  I was constantly reminding myself of our misfortunes.  One day after hearing some hard hitting truths from my children, I decided that I would pick three things that I am grateful for.  I would write those three things down on a Sunday morning and every day after for the week I would repeat them to myself in the mirror.  By the next Sunday I add three more.  Sometimes it is hard to keep adding to the list but no matter how important or trivial, I add three.  What used to take me 10 seconds to repeat, now takes me about 10 minutes every day but I have found this exercise to be so worth it.  I feel energised, optimistic and happy but most of all grateful.

Here is my list so far:

•      To be alive
•      For my husband’s life
•      For our children

•      Grandchildren
•      Our cat Rusty
•      Peanut the Parrot

•      A beautiful home
•      My Garden
•      Retirement

•      Financial stability
•      Shopping
•      Surprise packages

•      Honest Doctors
•      Technology
•      Sleep

•      Movies
•      Getaways
•      Good Coffee

•      Intimacy
•      Our favourite Café
•      When he remembers

•      Chocolate Cake
•      Visitors
•      Time

•      Smart Phones
•      Video Calls
•      Games

•      Gifts
•      Medication
•      Ocean walks

•      Mangoes
•      Equipment that works
•      Help

•      10 minutes peace and quiet
•      Wine (I have NO idea why this is not on here earlier)
•      A great book

•      Being able to cook delicious meals
•      Satisfied family
•      A large kitchen

•      Early morning walks
•      Clean sheets
•      Eggs Benedict

•      Fresh fruit & Veg
•      Friends who call
•      The remote control

•      Good news!
•      Dancing
•      Celebrations

•      Singing birds
•      Unpredictable weather
•      Netflix

•      Roast meals
•      Dessert
•      Long baths

•      Driving 
•      24 hour pharmacies
•      Drive Thru

•      Bees
•      Beer
•      Card Games

We still have some bad days, some really bad days.  Only lately it has been easier to pick myself up and get on with it.  Honestly, it's easier to see the good when you're not constantly surrounding yourself with the negative.  Remembering all the good in our lives has helped me to overcome the obstacles we face everyday.