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Shannon's Story 

When Shannon was 18 years old he was involved in a motorcycle accident.  His brain injury was severe and devastating, leaving him dependant on long term care.  Although a survivor of this horrific accident, Shannon struggles with the loss of major physical and minor cognitive functions - with the significant impairment to his motor function leading to anger and depression.

Shannon had a thirst for life but also loved history, classical studies and wanted to visit some of the greatest libraries of the world.  His 'lust' for knowledge and zest for the arts, is what he believes his friends would remember about him most.  After his accident however, as far as he was concerned, his previous plans to travel the world and attend university, dreaming of majoring as an English Literature student, was over.

It has been 7 years since that fateful day and now with the aid of communication tools and the constant support of family, his brother Shaun and Sharna especially, Shannon can freely express himself through his writing.  Although verbal communication is difficult, he easily conveys his sense of humour and sharp wit.  Shannon shares with us the first poem he wrote to his family conveying his frustration coming to terms with his brain impairment and what it was like to be trapped within his own body. "It's a bit morbid but it was my truth at that time - don't worry I am much happier now" he winks.

Thank you for trusting your truth with us.