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Programs & Events for Carers

Linking in with other carers can be an amazing support. No-one better understands the highs and lows of the caring role better than some-one who is in that role. Some of our carers have formed lifetimes friendships from group activities where they have met other carers who understand what you are going through.

Our aim is to support you, the Carer, so that you can maintain your caring role.

** Please note that due to COVID-19 BrainLink is not providing many in person activities, however we are conducting a number of activities via zoom and are developing on line e-learning opportunities. These activities are open to all registered carers across Victoria. ** 

Please email Karen Jorgensen HERE for further information, to be added to the mailing list or if you have any queries. Bookings are ESSENTIAL. 

Please Note:

Expressions of interest does not automatically guarantee you a place.  If you do not receive a phone call or confirmation email, you may have been placed on the waiting kist and will be contacted when a space becomes available.  Preference will be given to newly registered Carers and Carers who have not attended events for a long time.