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Brain Injury Awareness Week 2014
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Brain Injury Awareness Week 2014

Bang on a Beanie for BrainLink and Give a Damn for Brain Injury Awareness Week 2014 Your support helps 1.6 million Australians affected by Acquired Brain Disorders

Brain Injury Awareness Week

AUGUST 11-17 2014


Bang on a Beanie for BrainLink and Give a Damn for Brain Injury Awareness week from August 11 to 17, 2014. Your support helps 1.6 million Australians affected by Acquired Brain Disorders. Learn how you can participate in Brain Injury Awareness Week through the range of activities BrainLink has planned.





Richo Reveals His Battles of the Brain

by Ben Cameron


“Sorry if I sound a bit dopey, I’m a bit zonked out,” Richo says down the line.

On the phone to BrainLink after a bout of surgery to address a few lingering knee issues from his playing days, there’s another health subject he’s keen to discuss that also remains to this day: the long term effects of head concussion.


The former Richmond star turned Channel Seven commentator is living proof brain injury can affect anybody, no matter their profile or standing in life. 


Read the full article here 





BrainLink Bang On A Barbie

Wednesday, August 13 at 11:30am 


With Melbourne in the midst of a cold snap there's never been a better time to bang on a blue beanie in Blackburn and fire up the barbie.]

BrainLink will join in the fun for Brain Injury Awareness Week on August 13 from 11.30am at the Nerve Centre with its own special sausage sizzle, raising much needed funds for those with acquired brain injuries and their family and carers.

It's part of a nation-wide campaign which supports 1.6million Australians with an ABI.

BrainLink chief executive officer Sharon Strugnell said the event would have an extra bit of sizzle with former high flying AFL star Matthew "Richo" Richardson to host activities.

"We urge all our supporters to put on a beanie and grab a snag for this very important event," she said. 

"We're very lucky to have Richo on board and he's very keen to meet everybody involved with BrainLink, so please come along."

Attendees can get into the spirit of the day by buying and donning either a beanie, T Shirt or apron.

Federal member for Chisholm Anna Burke will also be in attendance with a few surprise guests. 


Call Lee or Chris on 03 9845 2960 or email info@brainlink.org.au to confirm your attendance.



Donate and Get a Beanie!


Bang on a Beanie for BrainLink and help support the 1.6 million Australians affected by Acquired Brain Disorders. For the month of August, any donations to BrainLink of $30 or greater will be rewarded with an official Bang On A Beanie! 

BrainLink’s message of awareness is to ensure all people living with ABI have access to the full support and resources they require to optimise their social and economic participation in the community. In 2014 the campaign will support BrainLink’s LifeMoves program. LifeMoves is a peer support program allows group members to discuss issues and share strategies to help overcome the challenges.


Show your support. DONATE




National ABI Conference

11-12 August, 2014


The National ABI Conference, to be held in Bendigo, will include the National Launch of Brain Injury Awareness Week on Monday 11th.


The Launch will include presentations by Federal and State political representatives, and importantly will hear the voice of people who have received ABI, through representatives of the Macready-Bryan Foundation and from Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal (former head of the AMA and a person who received an ABI from a vicious assault in 2008). Other speakers include Nick Rushworth (Brain Injury Australia).




Royal Melbourne Hospital Stall

14-15 August, 2014 | Royal Melbourne Hospital Ground Floor 


Get into the spirit of Brain Injury Awareness Week 2014 with BrainLink’s  much anticipated  Royal Melbourne Hospital  stall. Bigger and better than last year purchase a  beanie and join in  all of the fun by visiting over 2 days. 

It’s part of a nation-wide campaign which supports 1.6 million Australians with an ABI and their families. 

  • Great prizes to be won 
  • Giveaways
  • And much much more

A cost of a Beanie is just $5.00. Come and say Hello, we’d love to see you there!! 




Maurice Blackburn Supporting BrainLink


Maurice Blackburn is proud to be the official partner of Brain Injury Awareness Week. During the month of August, Maurice Blackburn offices across Victoria will be selling official Bang On A Beanie merchandise along with raising funds for BrainLink. Visit the Maurice Blackburn site here.














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