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Ebony's Story

24 May 2017 at 12:00AM
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My name is Ebony, and I was diagnosed with a rather large aneurism situated in my frontal lobe in 2014. My aneurism hemorrhaged while I was at home cleaning the bathroom. One the day I collapsed, my partner called an Ambulance and the medics said I was ill with a virus and no need to go to hospital. The next day I was still very ill, so my partner called the on-call doctor, who also said I was ill with a virus and to just see it out.

It is a shame that neither practitioners picked up on what was going on because during this period a lot of damage to my brain had already started to happen. My partner decided to rush me to hospital and we were told that I was blessed to be alive at this stage, and that I had to now have life-saving surgery, which could result in me losing my life, being in a wheel chair etc.

I knew there was something serious wrong with me but we didn't expect it to be an aneurysm. Our family were in total shock and we didn't really understand, what did it all mean? Prior to all this happening I was a health practitioner and a rather booked up one. I asked the Neurosurgeon when I would be able to get back to work as I had lots of patients to see, and he said it would be a long time and maybe not at all. Then it all started to 'sink in' how serious this situation was. I was worried about my daughter and partner, and the possibility I may never see them ever again.  

Surgery was successful but there were some complications that resulted in me having a few strokes. I was in ICU for a month and in the Neurosurgery wards after leaving ICU. It was a challenge having to learn how to walk, read, speak, eat, etc. all over again. I have a partner Warren and a 7 year old daughter Jade, and just thinking how much I wanted, needed, and had to be with them pulled me through and made me determined to win this fight.

I have several disabilities and impairments that most people cannot see unless they are a close person to me or I tell them, which makes our lives challenging at times. I am accepting that I am a changed person, and learning to put good strategies into practice. Some days are good and some days are bad, it fluctuates. This can be challenging.

It has taken time but I find I can accept each day as it comes now, and I learn and am faced with new things every day. It was a huge interruption to our lives and changed everything. There was not much support unfortunately as some of my family members just could not accept or handle the changes. It was very difficult for them to see me this way.

I practice positivity every day, I live a healthy and simple lifestyle, follow my strategies and put them into practice, and steer clear of stressful situations. I love my volunteering, Yoga classes, meditation, ceramics, and socializing with my family and ABI friends. There can be a lot of people out there that don't understand but I know a hell of a lot that do, and who treat me with the upmost respect.

I am now a Peer that assists the facilitators in supporting all participants with in the LifeMoves group. We have a program that we follow over an 8-week period. This program covers several important activities that allow the group to talk about their ABI or neurological dysfunctions, the negatives and positives, but mainly being able to talk as a group and feel part of something really special .

I am a person with an ABI so I feel that I can offer a lot of valuable advice and support as I can understand what some of the participants are going through and how they feel. I know how challenging having an ABI can be.

Being involved in supporting others with an ABI means a great deal to me as I am able to give others hope and positive support that everything will work out in the long term. It gives me great satisfaction in knowing that I am helping to improve the lives of other ABI sufferers. Being a Peer in the LifeMoves Group also gives me a better understanding of brain injury and neurological dysfunctions because all brain injuries are different. I feel that I am part of a very beneficial service that is making a huge difference to people’s quality of life.

I think I produce a very positive and beneficial impact as a volunteer for others, as I have an ABI and am able to understand and have empathy for others.

Having to live with an ABI has made me very determined and passionate to support others in the same situation. I genuinely really care and believe in the LifeMoves Group!

I think it is a brilliant organization and am very proud to be part of it.


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Category: Your Stories