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Grievance Policy


To provide the organisation with a system to receive and resolve complaints about BrainLink operations and services.

Our Values

BrainLink Services Limited works on the philosophy that the wellbeing and needs of those affected by acquired brain injury or other neurological disorders and their carers take first priority - BrainLink CARES: Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Equality and Support. Every effort is made to inform and educate health and welfare services, and the community, about the effects and implications of acquired brain injury, and the needs of the individuals affected. BrainLink staff work as a team, sharing tasks as necessary for the wellbeing of all staff and the smooth running of the service.

BrainLink Services Limited will take all reasonable steps to ensure that our clients are not adversely affected because a complaint has been made by them or on their behalf and that their concerns are given appropriate attention and resolution.

Relevant Legislation

Disability Act 2006 - Division 5, Complaints to Disability Service Providers

When to Use this Procedure

The Grievance procedure shall be used by clients, volunteers or employees of BrainLink Services Limited, where a matter cannot be resolved by informal discussion and the matter relates to BrainLink's duties to its clients or other legal or ethical obligations. BrainLink's Disciplinary Procedure policy should be used for any employment related issues.

The Grievance Procedure will be as follows:

  • The person with the grievance shall set out the nature of the grievance in writing.
  • The person with the grievance shall meet with the person against whom the grievance is held to discuss the matter.
  • A copy of the letter shall be sent to the Chief Executive Officer

If the Grievance cannot be resolved:

  • A further meeting will be held between parties and the Chief Executive Officer, to clarify the issues and seek to mediate a solution.

If the Grievance still cannot be resolved:

  • The Chief Executive Officer shall raise the matter with the Board of Directors of BrainLink Services Limited.
  • The Board shall establish a sub-committee of the Board to meet with the parties and seek to resolve the issue.
  • The Chief Executive Officer may attend that meeting, unless the parties request otherwise in writing.
  • The Board shall have the discretion to implement the Disciplinary Procedure against a staff member, request that a volunteer cease working for BrainLink Services Limited, cease providing services to a client (provided another service provider is suggested), and other such reasonable powers as are necessary to assist it in resolving the dispute.

If the grievance still cannot be resolved, the matter shall either be referred to an external body agreed between the parties for mediation. The person with the grievance may make a complaint to the Disability Services Commissioner — a) orally; or b) in writing; or c) by any other means which is appropriate in the circumstances. For further information on this process see Section 111 of the Disability Services Act 2006.

An advocate may represent the parties at any stage of the Grievance Procedure.

The Grievance Procedure is available in hard copy by request from the Administration Desk, 1800 677 579 or email