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Community Partners

BrainLink would like to thank the following Community Partners for their generous support: 

Collingwood Football Club

We would like to thank the Collingwood Football Club for your generous support to BrainLink in raising awareness through its partnership in our advertisement, “Collingwood stand side by side with BrainLink”.

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Villa Maria

Thank you to Villa Maria for your continued support and being a fantastic organisation that has formed a positive community partnership with BrainLink for outreach and support to Carers.

Parks Victoria

Thank you to Parks Victoria in partnering with BrainLink to deliver two ABI carers health and wellness days, one in regional Victoria and one in the metro region. This program aims to provide our carers with the much needed respite from their caring roles, promote the benefits of physical activity through walks and tours and enhance the health and wellbeing of carers by promoting social interaction with peers.

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Thank you to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Neurological Ward, for partnering with us for the "BrainLink Community Liaison Pilot Program".  This project targets disadvantaged families in Victoria by offering immediate referral, care and support to them as soon as their loved one is diagnosed with an acquired brain injury or neurological disorder.

RACV Doncaster Shop

Thank you to the RACV Doncaster Shop for sponsoring BrainLink though your "RACV Good Citizen Program." Your program provided for specialised diving training and a licence for our Client Services Officer to drive a bus, which will provide significant flexibility and cost savings for our respite retreats and other carer programs.