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ABI Information Kit

The Acquired Brain Injury information kit was produced by a joint committee of brain injury organisations with the support and assistance of the Department of Human Services Victoria.

The aim of the Acquired Brian Injury information kit is to provide as much information as possible to people with ABI and their families.

The information within these booklets and factsheets are of a general nature and not specific to individual cases. 

For specific information, please direct your enquiry to the relevant organisation and/or subject expert or contact BrainLink.

To download your copy, click on the relevant link below.  To have an infromation kit posted to you, contact BrainLink. 


Information Kit


Changed Lives

The Changed Lives booklet contains information about acquired brain injury and is designed for people who have a brain injury and their family. This booklet is also available in 17 other languages including Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Turkish and Vietnamese. Contact BrainLink for more information. Download the PDF


Children & Young People with ABI

This booklet is a hands-on guide to assist case managers in their work with children and young people with acquired brain injury (ABI) and their families. It is written for those of you who are new to the field of brain injury, or who have knowledge of brain injury, but limited experience working with children or young people. (Not available in hard copy). Download the PDF.


Your Guide to Mental Health and ABI

This booklet is designed to give you a basic understanding of the problems and symptoms a person with ABI may encounter. The better informed and aware you are of these conditions, the more likely it will be that appropriate diagnosis and treatment will occur, enhancing the person's life and that of their family and support network. Download the PDF.


Your Guide to Managing Behaviour after ABI

This booklet provides introductory information, real life case studies and suggestions for managing challenging behaviours. Download the PDF.


Your Guide to Neuropsychological Assessments

This booklet is a guide to neuropsychological assessment and explains what it is, how it works and what to expect, should you or someone you know need to have one. Download the PDF.


Your Guide to Glossary of Terms - Brain Injury

This glossary of terms contains many of the terms commonly associated with acquired brain injury and is designed for people living with brain injury and their family members. Download the PDF.


Your Guide to Statewide Services - Resource Booklet

The information in this booklet is of a general nature and therefore contains information about general Victorian statewide services related to brain injury. Download the PDF.


Interstate Services

A brief list of interstate services in Australia. Download the PDF.