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Condition Specific Fact Sheets

We also have fact sheets available on a number of neurological conditions. Contact us to request any of the following fact sheets, or simply click on the links below:

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

This fact sheet discusses the nature of Alzheimer's disease, what we know about its cause, the symptoms and diagnosis.  It offers suggestions on how to care for and communicate with someone who has the condition, and discusses ways to manage changes that may occur in their behaviour. Download the PDF


Understanding Huntington Disease

This factsheet describes the nature of Huntington disease, the cause and who develops it.  It covers symptoms, diagnosis, genetic testing, the effects over time, appropriate therapy and care - giving. Download the PDF.


Understanding Muscular Dystrophy

This factsheet explains what muscular dystrophy is, the main types, who it affects and the cause.  It covers symptoms and diagnosis, effects of the condition, treatment and offers care - giving tips. Download the PDF.


Understanding Motor Neurone Disease

This factsheet explains the different forms of motor neurone disease (MND), possible causes and who it affects.  It describes symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and offers care - giving suggestions. Download the PDF.


Understanding Parkinson's

This factsheet explains what Parkinson's is, who develops it and what we know about its cause.  It describes diagnosis, symptoms, effects of the condition over time, treatments and therapies. Download the PDF.


Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

This factsheet explains what multiple sclerosis is, what we know about its cause and who develops it. It describes diagnosis, types of MS, symptoms, treatment and discusses ways of managing the condition. Download the PDF.


Understanding Stroke

This factsheet explains what a stroke is, the causes, symptoms and diagnosis. It describes the effects of stroke, treatments and the recovery process. Download the PDF.


Understanding Stroke Booklet

This booklet is an extension of the Understanding Stroke factsheet. It is a practical guide for people affected by stroke, their families and carers. Download the PDF.