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Privacy & Confidentiality Guarantee



The staff at BrainLink are committed to ensuring that the information collected from clients is treated in the most professional manner possible.  Therefore, we strive to work according to the 13 Victorian Privacy Principles which are outlined below.

In many situations there is no need for BrainLink to seek your or another person's personal information. People can often deal with each other anonymously (Principle 8) but if a BrainLink representative does collect and handle your and/or another person's information– we will only collect what we need, in a lawful and fair manner and, all reasonable steps will be taken to protect the information we collect from misuse, interference, loss and/or unauthorized access (Principle 11).

BrainLink staff will not intrude unreasonably and the relevant BrainLink representative will keep you informed as to what they are doing (Principle 1). Information collected will be kept accurate, complete, up to date and stored securely as reasonably practicable (Principles 3 & 4 & 13). Your personal information will only be disclosed for the purpose collected or a related expected purpose. Consent will always be sought from you to share your personal information, unless it is used to protect health and safety or legal requirements (Principle 2). You are able to access and correct your information when required and/or requested by you (Principle 6 & 12) and you will be kept informed on what BrainLink does with the information collected from you (Principle 5).

The sharing of ID numbers or full names amongst other sources will be minimized (Principle 7) and when this information is shared, the relevant privacy regulations and protections will apply (Principle 9).

Sensitive information such as your ethnic background, religion, political views, sexual preference or criminal record – has special protection under law and will only be collected after relevant rules are checked by a BrainLink representative (Principle 10).  

If you require further information, contact BrainLink.