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Carers Week - 3 Good Free Apps for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Carers Week: Millions of Reasons to Care
15-21 October 2023

At BrainLink we understand that caring for someone 24/7 is hard. It is hard to put yourself first and find time to look after yourself when the person you are caring for appears to have greater need than you.

Our ability to care for others is not infinite – we need to stop every now and then and take time to look after ourselves.  

The three apps below are a wonderful tool that may assist you to manage some of the day-to-day stress in caring for some-one. Looking after yourself will enable you to keep looking after others. Give them a try today – what have you got to lose?


MoodMission helps you learn new and better ways of coping with low moods and anxiety. Tell MoodMission how you’re feeling and it will give you a tailored list of 5 Missions that can help you feel better. Missions are activities and mental health strategies that are quick, easily achievable, and backed up by scientific evidence. MoodMission is based in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is an evidence-based psychological therapy for anxiety and depression. Anyone can use MoodMission, whether you just want a lift in your day or need a bit more help recovering from anxiety or depression.

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ReachOut WorryTime

Everyone has worries pop into their head from time to time, but sometimes they won't go away and start to impact your everyday life. ReachOut WorryTime interrupts this repetitive thinking by setting aside your worries until later, so you don't get caught up in them and can get on with your day. This means you can deal with worries once a day, rather than carrying them around with you 24/7. Produced in consultation with the Centre for Clinical Interventions, ReachOut WorryTime is based on cognitive behavioural techniques that are used by health and wellbeing practitioners to assist people with anxiety and stress.

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Breathe2Relax provides instructions for deep breathing exercises that can help reduce stress. Deep breathing has been shown to improve mood and deal with anger and anxiety. It can be used wherever you are, as a standalone tool or combined with other therapies.

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Millions of Reasons to Care

During National Carers Week (15-21 October 2023), BrainLink  has arranged a variety of activities and events with guest speakers, providing the chance to meet up with other carers and learn along the way.

Keep up with this week's activities.

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19 October 2023
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