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2024 Tax Appeal - Supporting recovery through creativity

The 2024 BrainLink Tax Appeal aims to help change lives by funding special projects. Your gift will ensure people impacted by brain injury can enjoy the benefits of art and music. It’s that simple.

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Boosting wellbeing and confidence with art and music

Creative activities can be hugely beneficial to people after brain injury. They express how we SEE, THINK and FEEL.

Expressing creativity through art and music have a incredibly positive impact, boosting wellbeing and confidence. It can also play a key role in rehabilitation by encouraging people to practice skills such as manual dexterity and memory.

Your donation will help improve life after brain injury by bringing an art festival to fruition, a regular zoom choir or an art by numbers group. Let's allow life with a brain injury to flourish with creativity.

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What we achieved last year

BrainLink showcased the joy of art across the “Brainlink family” at an inaugural art show last year. Many of the people BrainLink support are talented artists so we brought them together to get creative and they loved it.

The fact is they enjoyed coming together to connect and spend time together.

Group sessions like this are more than an activity. They foster a real sense of community where shared experience with different levels of ability collaborate and have fun together.

We asked a previous attendees what the best part of last years Inaugural Art Exhibition was. Here's what they had to say:

"Meeting other people like me, and my support coordinator and the Brainlink team. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The food was pretty good too. I felt comfortable displaying my art in a public forum which is something I haven't done before."

— Previous Attendee

Last year we asked for your help at tax time and thanks to your support it enhanced our services. It gave us the ability to maintain BrainLink’s specialised brain injury phone line. It also saw the roll out of the Carer Buddy program.

BrainLink helps people who have, care for or support someone with brain injury to connect to resources, community and expert guidance. We trust them, they care about us and they give practical tips and they know brain injury and do point us in the right direction. We need BrainLink”.


Person living with a brain injury

Why BrainLink matters

Our support is important to people living with brain injury, their families and carers, but also to the wider communities in which they live. The impact of brain injury on someone’s life can be severe. We help people to not only navigate this unimaginable experience but also to move towards a place where they can live fulfilling lives by connecting with the right supports.

Brain injuries are like fingerprints, each one is different. The effects of brain injury are often invisible and adjusting to life with a Brain Injury can take time. It is vital BrainLink works to connect people impacted by brain injury to the care, support, and networks they need.

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