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How is the role different from the role of the NDIS Planner?

The role of the planner is to work with people to explore their needs, goals and aspirations and develop a plan that specifies how supports will be funded to enable the person to have a good life.

 The NDIS makes decisions on what people can access based on the legislated principles of reasonable and necessary.

Our role as a Support Coordinator is to assist people and provide practical support to implement a plan, or to acquire a new skill or make a new connection. A support coordinator can be requested as part of the funding in a participant’s plan. A Support Coordinator is funded to work with people to:

  • Get your plan up and running
  • Monitor your supports – ensuring the services are working well and operating within the budget, and
  • Help you prepare for your plan review

As a personalised support organisation, we work with people to undertake detailed person centred planning that understands individual needs and desires, as well as utilising measures of supports intensity so that the people we support are thoroughly prepared for their plan reviews.