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Condition specific fact sheets

We also have fact sheets available on a number of neurological conditions. Contact us to request any of the following fact sheets, or simply click on the links below:

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

This fact sheet discusses the nature of Alzheimer's disease, what we know about its cause, the symptoms and diagnosis.

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Understanding Huntington Disease

This factsheet describes the nature of Huntington, symptoms, diagnosis and appropriate therapy and caregiving.

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Understanding Muscular Dystrophy

This factsheet explains what muscular dystrophy is, the main types, who it affects and the cause. 

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Understanding Motor Neurone Disease

This factsheet explains the different forms of motor neurone disease (MND), possible causes and who it affects.

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Understanding Parkinson's

This factsheet explains what Parkinson's is, who develops it and what we know about its cause.

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Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

This factsheet explains what multiple sclerosis is, what we know about its cause and who develops it. 

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Understanding Stroke

This factsheet explains what a stroke is, the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

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Understanding Stroke booklet

This booklet is an extension of the Understanding Stroke factsheet.

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