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Strategic plan

Our vision

People living with Brain Injuries, their families and carers, receive the support they need to live fulfilling lives.

Our mission

BrainLink connects people affected by brain injuries to the care, support and networks they need to live the healthiest, richest life possible.

Our values


in our service, advice and advocacy


doing what we know to be right


for those we work with


access for all who need and want our service


exploring better ways

Objectives & key areas of strategy

  1. Build  the capacity and the ability of people with brain injuries, their families and carers to live fulfilling lives
  2. Be the trusted experts in linking people living with brain injuries to effective and timely supports
  3. Continually improve quality, reach, flexibility and responsiveness of services
  4. Ensure a strong, agile, sustainable and transparent organisation

BrainLink services strategic plan 2019-2022

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