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Brain Injury Facts

In most cases, the role of caring for someone with a brain injury usually falls to family members, yet there is often little time to adjust to the situation and learn how to cope.

BrainLink have developed a number of resources to help you navigate your way through this time and beyond it. These fact sheets aim to provide a general overview of the many different aspects of caring, some useful contacts and some strategies to guide you through issues and situations that may arise.

Remember, the doctors and health care professionals supervising the care of your family member, and the support organisations dedicated to their condition, also have a wealth of up to date information, support services and resources to offer you. Do seek their assistance because the information contained within these factsheets are of a general nature and not specific to individual cases.

There is also a very large network of government, community and private support services that can meet your needs as carers — everything from support groups,  respite care and long-term accommodation to counselling and equipment aids.

Condition Specific Fact Sheets
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Information Kit
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