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Mary's Story

Brain Injury Awareness Week is held annually to raise awareness of brain injury and its impact on individuals, families and community. 

During the week, BrainLink will share stories of the one in 45 Australians living with a brain injury to celebrate their achievements and the commitment given to them by their families and the communities they live in.

This is Mary's story

'Two and a half years ago I had a stroke. Prior to my stroke I was a hairdresser. I used to travel to Sydney to see my ex-partner. I used to enjoy going into the city. I love animals, mostly cats and dogs.

The impact is that it makes me feel tired and frustrated sometimes.

I love going out to the Stroke Centre where I am part of the community. I like visiting Doncaster shopping centre on the bus with my support workers and my friend Rita. I love going for coffee. I talk to my friends and my family about how I am feeling. My NDIS therapy team helps me to cope and build my strength. I like to laugh about life.

Mary's art showcasing at BrainLink's art show

I want to help encourage other people who have had a stroke. My advice to anyone is my faith has helped me through this, and my family and friends. I would like to say, just to look after yourself, just go out and do what makes you happy. It’s going to be ok; you will get through it. I went through it, and they will get through it too.

The painting I am showcasing in the art show is about people who were close to me who have passed on.'

Brain Injury Awareness Week

21 – 27 August 2023

Brain injury is more than you see, think and feel.

This year’s theme explores how although brain injury isn’t always seen, it’s a complex disability that affects how people think and feel as they recover and reintegrate into everyday life. 

Find out more about Brain Injury Awareness Week. 

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23 August 2023
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