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Participation in the NDIS

BrainLink is ready to support you as a participant in the NDIS.

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People living with Brain Injury

A collection of helpful information for people living with Brain Injury.

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Carers, friends & family

BrainLink offers a range of group activities to support carers.

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Share your journey

Welcome to a community of people who share their stories.

Each and everyone of us has a personal story to share.  And your story - of struggle and of triumph - can inspire others.  Your story has the power to awaken others to their potential, opening them up to new possibilities of living, learning and loving.

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Carers Week

At BrainLink we understand that caring can be stressful. When we are feeling stressed, our thoughts and concerns often churn over and over in our mind.

Carers Week

At BrainLink we understand that caring for someone 24/7 is hard. It is hard to put yourself first and find time to look after yourself when the person you are caring for appears to have greater need than you.

Carers Week

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I care for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and my mother who is in Aged Care. This is my story.

Carers Week

At BrainLink we're celebrating Carers Week 2023 (15-21 October)

Support BrainLink

Help BrainLink support the families and individuals affected by brain injuries and brain disorders.

Between hosting BBQs, Carer events and information sessions, our biggest fundraiser is without a doubt the 'Walk 4 BrainLink' event held at the Tan track in St Kilda. We would like to thank all who have supported our organisation to promote 'Better Caring, Better Outcomes' for those living with Brain Injury and Neurological Disorders.

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